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Jeannette Reno gives her the news: 'I almost died'

Jeannette Reno gives her the news: ‘I almost died’

Singer Jeannette Reno gave news of her health on Saturday, just days after she was hospitalized with illness last Wednesday.

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“Basically my heart was having a blackout. I almost died,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

Jeannette Reno, who already had heart problems while in Florida in January 2014, says doctors told her she had a “very rare disease.”

“I have two diseases. Actually no! I realize I have three. The first, the most dangerous, I would call it the disease of love. In spite of everything and above all, without love, no life is possible. The second is heart disease. You may remember that I had a problem Heart once while I was in Florida. The third, which I learned from the doctors, is a very rare disease, because it is supposed to be “paradoxical.” One is operable and the other has to be taken seriously and treated appropriately.”

The singer says she wants to reassure people with her message.

“I am writing to you from my hospital room to reassure you and tell you that I am in good hands,” we could read.

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