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Jean-Pascal Doping: "This is unfortunate" - Georges St-Pierre

Jean-Pascal Doping: “This is unfortunate” – Georges St-Pierre

Jean Pascal’s doping issue is still a hot topic in combat sports circles. Georges St-Pierre wants to wait for the world champion’s explanations before indicting him in the public arena.

“It’s unfortunate for him,” said the former UFC champ. It is a pity for the fans and for everyone. Nobody wins at this. ”

“Jean Pascal is someone I really like. He represented Quebec and I followed him like all the fighters who represent us all over the world. I’m not aware of what happened nor inclined to comment. It’s a sensitive situation for me. I hope things turn out for him.”

On the other hand, St-Pierre repeated what he had already said about steroids in the past.

“Law is law. When you sign a contract, you have to follow the rules. I wish him (Pascal) to have good arguments. I think this is the same guy who also took care of the Lucian Pot. It’s a bit controversial.”

“It’s the athlete’s responsibility to investigate who you can handle and find out what you’re putting into your body.”

on guard

During his training camps, “GSP” paid close attention to what he ate.

“No syringe has entered my body during my career,” he explained. I knew all about what I ate or what I put in my body.

“It could go so far as to refuse a water bottle that was already open when I was shown. The tests they run are very accurate and they will find out if you are cheating.”

According to him, there should be no free passage, regardless of the name of the athlete, who was caught red-handed.

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“We have to be tough. Those who cheat endanger the lives of other honorable fighters. It’s not true. People don’t understand what a huge advantage it provides. This is crazy.”