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Jean-Marc Janeiro shoots in Fort Boyard

Jean-Marc Janeiro shoots in Fort Boyard

Jean Marc Janeiro joins Father Firas and becomes a celebrity figure Boyar Castle. He will add a Quebec touch to it in five episodes of the 32nd season of the symbolic show, which is broadcasting this summer in Europe on France Télévision.

The choreographer and host returned last Wednesday from his photo shoot that started on May 5th. When talking to Newspaper, So he was starting his 14-day quarantine before he started another filming here, the long-awaited third season of Revolution.

Jean-Marc Janeiro had already tasted medicine Boyar Castle During his time on Boyard Land, A show derived from the original concept, last October, which took place in an amusement park.

  • Listen to Sophie Doroucher’s interview with Jean-Marc Janeiro on QUB Radio:

“They invited me as a candidate,” he says. I asked them not to do certain things, like spin, and they made me do what I didn’t want. ”

I told them, ‘Look at me, I don’t work at your job anymore! “I told them the only way I would come back was if they made me personal …”

So he planted the idea of ​​merging in Boyar Castle A Canadian fisherman character, with “all possible cliché”. Since the French love to portray Quebecers using stereotypes, the production accepted its crazy idea. Jean-Marc Janeiro admits it without embarrassment: he falls in love with big cliches and caricatures.

He plays the character Gary Poe, a Canadian woodcutter who is exiled to the fort and wears furs and a tiled shirt. Its role is to pass the exams for the candidates.

“When the participants enter my cabin, they have to pass through my besieged road. Once they cross the path, they will have a challenge to do.”

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At the other end of the line, Jean-Marc Janeiro gets excited for his days filming, starting with the fact that he has to make 25 minutes in the zodiac to get there. He explains that the fort is a small place where every rootstock is used for production.

He says he loved trying it. “I feel like I lived a dream,” he says. I really, really enjoyed myself. There is real life in the fort, the atmosphere is nice, the candidates are arriving and they know that they will drool, and that they will have to outdo themselves. ”

“They wanted me to spend the whole season, but I had to go back to filming Revolution 3. I have a lot of hope that the character will return next year. ”