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Jean-Luc Mongryn begins the world of podcasting

Jean-Luc Mongryn begins the world of podcasting

Having spent his entire career in traditional media, Jean-Luc Montgraine is taming a new world by launching his podcast on Thursday, Mongrain in the ball.

“I am not a man who resists change, quite the opposite. I want to savor it, adapt to it, integrate myself into it. And perhaps make sure that people also open up to this dimension,” he stated in magazine The interviewer, who turned 70 this summer.

Thanks to the epidemic, Jean-Luc Montgraine entered the “new media”. His son Marc Etienne encouraged him to launch his Facebook page in the spring of 2020, and the experienced host made a remarkable presence there.

After summer substitutions on the 98.5 FM waves, Jean-Luc Mongrain was ready for a new challenge. By Delphine Poux, From the wall • wall media box, agree to host Mongrain in the ball.

A new episode will be released every week. The facilitator will meet people from different backgrounds (politics, culture, sports, etc.).

We often know what people do, but we don’t really know what they are. “We’ll work on this in the interviews,” says Jean-Luc Montgraine.

Do you feel a difference in the podcast format compared to traditional media?

“I’ll give you a comparison. I’m skiing. The raw material is snow and good conditions. There, I feel like a guy going from skater to snowboarder!” […] It’s another case, another place, but it’s the same job. It’s the same job I did when I started appearing on TV. I do important interviews there, then comment and edit. […] What I find interesting [du balado]is that the formula gives flexibility. There is no longer an hour long interview in traditional media. So we have time to get to know the person better. We are often compressed into the traditional format. So I would really love to discover this relationship. Because the next best question is often the previous answer. And when we have time to let the guest talk, we discover aspects we never suspected. ”

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How are podcast guests selected?

“First of all, I am very open to all kinds of guests. If only I had chosen them, I would probably feed my universe. […] We will have guests from all walks of life. I’m trying to do something across generations. […] It is as if we are at the edge of the beach and we are testing the water temperature. We’ll see how it works. I do it just for fun. There is no monetization for this product. We are trying to reduce production costs. But we want to do professional work. The picture is licking. It’s beautiful, it’s in a beautiful setting. This is what we are trying to do. ”

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois is your first guest. Why was it fun to have it?

Because this young man questioned the school system when he was twenty years old. He was in student pressure groups where he realized that his view of things did not include all demands. He had to make a personal decision to settle down. There, he entered the political arena. However, National Assembly rules and street rules are two things. ”

The first episode of Mongrain in the ball, with Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, will be available Thursday on various platforms. for more details: