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Jean-Charles Lajoie in Dirty Sheets: The Truth Comes Out

Jean-Charles Lajoie in Dirty Sheets: The Truth Comes Out

The sacking of Jean-Charles Lajoie from BBM Sports hides a dark truth….

By reading Martin Lemay’s text…

– There is something fishy…

Why isn’t he called Lagoi once…

– but implied a huge scandal that touched the radio.

– Here’s LeMay’s text. (we will comment later)

After releasing BPM and reading your comments, I wanted to talk to you:


The media world is going through tough times. On TV, on the radio, we see cuts everywhere.

I will be forever grateful to you (to you “Le retour des sportif” listeners @BPMSportsRadio and “onjase”) for the support you have been giving for several years now.

You are my bosses and with your support I can continue to do the work I love! thanks a lot!!

Despite the big setbacks last year, RETOUR DES SPORTIFS had a very good season. Our ratings were close to the target even though the Canadiens had two of their worst seasons.

Although there are a lot of other factors that I will keep to myself for now. We were unable to talk about our results so as not to reveal the station’s poor results.

Personally, I’ve never had this much fun on my radio season. Anthony Desaulnier, Ben Roger and I had such a great time doing this show! Collusion I’ve never seen before! Incredible collaborators! Martin, Mathias, Bob, Andre, Martin and so on! My best broadcasting year!!


Now the new programming: Don’t be hard on BPM, Paul or Max. One day you will know the truth and you will understand!

Benoit Roger will always be with me. We have lost Anthony who will help Paul, Gilbert and Catherine. They need your support.

The work promises to be tremendous to go up the slope. The respect Paul has for you, Gilbert’s humility, Anthony’s youth and Catherine’s feminine touch deserve you to give them a chance!

I don’t know Max personally. He was fine in the morning as a substitute. Give the enemy a chance.

Gonzo and George… George is the biggest part of the station. Let’s be honest. It does not need a BPM to pay bills. He does it for the right reasons.

For his passion for sports, and his relationship with people. I am so glad to see him again on the air. We can laugh well!!

2 Max… I read your disappointment. i share it. Max Truman, I’ve never met him. Really cute and sentimental!! TRUE

BPM must continue to employ genuine, passionate people who do the job for the right reasons. Think Gilbert, think George and Anthony, just to name a few, they are REAL!!!

Max Vanhout…don’t worry. Max is talented, he knows it and BPM knows it. You’ll hear it 30+ minutes a day, and I’ll save you a piece of paper.

In your program “LE RETOUR DES SPORTIFS” you will find several clips that you liked. I saw Martin Leclerc mentioned his reasons for not coming back at the moment. I say this moment, because I didn’t say my last word.

In conclusion, I would like to welcome FX who will be replacing Anthony with Ben Roger and back!!

We need a sports radio station in Quebec. Be tolerant and patient with your BPM. The people there still love and respect you

Good season!

– He remembers…

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– According to information from Michel Villeneuve, Jean-Charles Lajoie made a serious mistake.

He had malicious behavior towards his colleagues.

“Those who have been subjected to malicious tactics must step forward.” said Michel Villeneuve.

“There are other people who have tasted his medicine. One day you will understand.”

Villeneuve insisted and signed

– a scandal was about to break out.

– And knowing the closeness of Martin Lemay and Michel Villeneuve, it turns out that the source of the latter was… Martin Lemay…

Villeneuve swore that his colleagues were plotting an unprecedented media coup.

– Who would have put JIC in hot water.

“The informants warned me that the countdown is how. I’m waiting like you.”

This is not the end, but only the beginning, until the truth is revealed to the public.

– We know the rest.

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– Jean-Charles Lajoie took the exit door.

– And here is Martin LeMay, one of his biggest enemies from the beginning, asserting that the truth will come out in broad daylight.

– Uch…

– Jean-Charles Lajoie is hot right now.

Was Michel Villeneuve right all along?

But for God’s sake…

– What did Jean-Charles Lajoie do?

The saga to continue…