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Jazz snare with pianist Mario Kanonji at Espace Premontier in Ares

Those who knew the Martinican pianist Mario Canonge through simple rumors immediately found themselves trapped …

Those who knew the Martinican pianist Mario Canonge by simple hearsay immediately found themselves trapped in the trap of the learned beginning taken from the arranged rum cellar, on Friday April 21st at the Espace Brémontier.

In the commotion we no longer know so well, Monk, Evans, Petruchiani, Jarrett, we almost see the Big Brothers passing on the platform, in the first piece of magic honoring the harmony of their peers. However, it seems like it won’t be enough to set the scene, so it follows a groovy groove skillfully laid out by an islander who has surely become the master of the place. Greetings to Sati, Rachmaninoff? Well, we don’t know anymore … And as if, obviously, that wasn’t enough to succeed in breaking the crowd’s respectable reserve, to which Bremontiere is so accustomed, the pieces follow one another as the athlete wipes his clothes. towel.

No doubt possible. Before the middle of the term, the block has already been said: we will have to hold out to the end. Fortunately, the Beast is alone on stage. We fantasize about that army of bass, drums, and brass, sure it must be hard to live.

In this intense phase of the party, the half-hearted crew must realize that too much happiness hurts. Standing on the planks, as if to hear us, the Caribbean pirate gives his world a luminous truce in the form of a warning to all those who no longer wish to leave. A subtle way that makes us sing before closing.

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