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Jay Boucher hated Thomas Tatar's reaction

Jay Boucher hated Thomas Tatar’s reaction

Jay Boucher is excellent at his RDS analyzes. He offers his advice as a coach and does not hesitate to say it when nothing satisfies him. This is exactly what he did this afternoon when he appeared On the geez, Podcast hosted by Martin LeMay.

It will be remembered that a Tatars appeared unhappy during the morning training after a discussion with Dominic Ducharme.

It is also important to remember that Tatar will finally play and that Eric Stahl, who is bored with injury, will be disqualified.

Anyway, let’s get back to his reaction this morning.

Yes, we want players to show emotions. Yes, we want them to be able to express themselves. But I have to agree with the coach. Nothing good can happen with such an interaction. It’s a distraction, pure and simple. Pictures like this can spin around a room and ruin team spirit. I’m not saying it, but Jay Boucher, who coached and who was successful in the National Hockey League. He even said that a similar situation happened while working as a coach and that it was a problem.

Thomas Tatar has not been the Canadian’s best player since the qualifiers and has a reputation for disappearing when it comes time to bid under pressure. So it is not surprising that Ducharme came up with the idea to kick him out of the lineup.

But surprisingly enough is the fact that Number 90 does not act professionally.

In the qualifiers, the team comes first. The last point. I understand that it could be frustrating for a Tatar, especially if it was true that he was told that he was not playing, only to be informed that he would play soon afterwards.

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But he can’t do that, not now.

a lot of

– bad news.

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– The end of oilers?

Another defeat for the Blue Jays against the Rays.

– The Olympic Games are approaching!