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Jared: With Marie Domic Gibal, take a walk somewhere else

Jared: With Marie Domic Gibal, take a walk somewhere else

Three installations of the artist at the Château d’Assas du Vigan.

When she called her exhibition in Le Vigane “Eight Days a Week,” Mary Dominique Gibal didn’t think of the Beatles’ song. A few years ago, she had already made a series of small sketches with this name. “Recently, at the beginning of confinement, the idea of ​​opening up another space-time that does not exist has returned”The artist smiles.

This eighth dreamed day is the space of creation, it is the exhibition. Forgetting boundaries, we introduce a parallel universe. This eighth day symbolizes both that destiny is never enough, as Marie Dominique Gibal offers a poetic walk, where time is suspended.

poetic walk

The installation that gave the exhibition its name was born during the period of confinement, when the exotic sage plant clary began to bloom.

For three and a half months, every morning, Marie-Dominique Gibal took photographs of this birth, this development, and then this disappearance. Slip into a meditative drawing, in which sculptures, insects, landscapes, and taffeta appear.

All immersed in a sound atmosphere, made with the sounds of nature and voices provided by saxophonist Robin Finker, compiled by Susan Durand. The visitor is also surrounded by large layers of white paper that protect the viewer.

Using “Five Colors We Can Do All Colors”

Moving from one discipline to another, Marie Dominique Gibal works around calligraphy, font, and color. This strange beauty, Marie-Dominique Gibal also found very far from her garden, at the construction site of the Orléans tram, which she photographed for years, often in the lights of night. It emphasizes its geometry, clear colors and signs. To the stakes of the site, painted in red drooping, add their monochromatic, painted in “Five colors, from which we can make all the colors”.

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This vocabulary often appears in his work, especially with the woody timbers evoking Beauce in his childhood. ‘We still feature graphic signs of our childhood scenes’follow artist.

Join the facility Eight days a weekThe work carried out during a stay with Tulle’s lace-makers also evokes nature. The line is not necessarily geometric, it can also constantly redraw the neighborhood, like fig leaves, painted with fluorescent paint and illuminated by black light.

Until December 3rd. Monday to Friday, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Château d’Assas, 11 rue des Barris, Le Vigan. free entry. 04 99 64 26 62.