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Jan Mishak dominates the Czech victory

Jan Mishak dominates the Czech victory

After months of waiting, today was the start of the WJC 2022 resume, which was canceled due to COVID-19 last winter. Clearly holding her in the summer isn’t optimal, but for the youngsters, it was a way to deliver a championship despite everything.

As the curtain raised, we were treated to a match that had something of interest for CH fans, while the Czech Republic faced Slovakia. Admittedly, Juraj Slafkovský and Filip Mesar were not with the Slovaks, but among the Czechs we found Captain Jan Myšák, a second-round pick for the Canadian in 2020 and a good hope for the organisation.

Things got off to a bad start for Michak and his gang, seeing as they saw the Slovaks score twice in the first period. However, in the second, the tide turned, and in the middle of the period, Myšák made a superb climb there allowing Michel Gott to equalize the score.

The Czechs continued their dominance after that, scoring the third goal before the end of the period. Then, early in the third half, Myšák managed to create space for his team’s fourth goal.

Another very nice game from Youth Center.

However, the Slovaks took advantage of the Czechs’ indiscipline afterwards to turn the score back to 4-4. However, with less than two minutes to go, Gabriel Stork put the lead back to the Czech Republic, this time for good.

Big 5-4 victory for the Czech RepublicThus, who wins the first match of the tournament.

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As for Mishak, who was clearly the player we were watching in the game, he was probably the best player on the ice. He found a way to report himself Different Occasionally, he was a catalyst for the Czech team, hitting no less than 12 shots.

Myšák’s influence is not limited to his offensive capabilities. He’s a fairly complete player who can be used in every way and he showed it today. Played nearly 22 minutes, the second attacker player Most used by the Czech Republic (Stanislav Svozel, defender, is the only one to have played more than him, playing only four seconds).

In short, it’s a big first match for Mishak, who is undoubtedly the star of this group. The Czechs return to court on Thursday, when they face Oliver Kapanen, Petteri Nurmi and the Finns.

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