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Jan Misak (who faced Shane Wright at OHL) liked Juraj Slavkowski better

Jan Misak (who faced Shane Wright at OHL) liked Juraj Slavkowski better

Soon it will be two weeks since he picked Canadian Juraj Slavkowski for first place in the draft. The Slovak senior winger finally beat Shane Wright (and Logan Cooley) in the race to be the first choice after several months of controversy.

I wasn’t a big fan of Slavkovsky, I admit, but I love his character so far. I honestly can’t wait to see him in action.

Jean Misak, a potential Canadian who plays in OHL (the same league as Wright), took the time to chat with Patrick Bexel, and when asked about the first option, Misak said he personally prefers Slafkovsky.

The young Czech striker, who faced Wright at OHL, admitted he was impressed by Slavkovsky’s strength and size when he saw him in video footage. He noticed how ripe the Slovak was on the ice and thought CH would probably catch him first.

It’s clear that Mysak can turn into a career in Scouting when he gets stuck in his cleats.

Speaking of Slavkovsky, by the way, the black book From Hockey prospects It was A very detailed account of the young man that contained, among other things, several notes from scouts who saw him being drafted first in general. Apparently supporters wanted Wright, but Much Scouts prefer Slavkovsky.

Returning to Mysak, he also claimed to be looking forward to meeting Slafkovsky. The two were born in very close countries, and Misak joked that since their mother tongues are similar, they might try to chat with them.

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I strongly urge you to read Mysak’s full interview with Bexell, which contains many other very interesting information. But Misak was clearly right in favor of Slavkovsky. Will the two play CH soon? Not impossible…

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