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Jacob Dobbs was named the best player on his team this season in college

Jacob Dobbs was named the best player on his team this season in college

As everyone knows, the Montreal Canadiens have a lot of strong hopes across the various hockey leagues.

Some stand out more than others, and some are more popular with fans.

In recent weeks, “The Spotlight” has revolved a lot about out-of-this-world Joshua Roy, Kayden Gohley and Arber Chicage. All three of these potential candidates have great playoffs.

In addition, these three will all be a possibility to watch closely during the next CH training camp as they will all have the opportunity to make the team.

The only problem with this “spotlights” that only highlights some hopefuls’ performance is that we tend to forget or set aside other hopefuls who had good times and good seasons too.

That’s exactly the case with Jakub Dobes, a name we haven’t heard in a long time since the season is long over in the NCAA.

We remember that the Ohio State rookie goalkeeper Bucks had a big season in the NCAA.

Well, today the Buckeyes named Jakub Dobes their best player of the season.

Dobbs, who has been fantastic at netting for his team, has won matches alone more than once this season. The 6-foot-5, 197-pound goalkeeper has been playing near-perfect matches all season on a consistent basis.

Dobbs has played 35 of the 37 games for his team this season.

Without Dobes, Ohio State would likely end up in the NCAA final score.

The 21-year-old Czech goalkeeper scored impressive numbers in his first season in the NCAA. In 35 matches, he scored 2.26 goals against an average and 0.934 saves.

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At the age of 21, given that he is a goalkeeper, he still has a long way to go before moving on to the pros. However, if he continues to dominate like this in the NCAA, Dobes is clearly on the right track.

Is he the goalkeeper of the CH team in the future?

We cannot know. However, the best goalkeeper who plays in the junior ranks is better than the goalkeeper who suffers.

In any case, let’s hope the Hab’s fifth round selection for 2020 (136th overall) continues to develop well.

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