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"It's very difficult for Kotkaniemi"

“It’s very difficult for Kotkaniemi”

The Carolina Hurricanes have played only six games this season, but forward Gisbury Kotkanyemi could lose his second midfield job.

“It’s very difficult,” Renault Lavoie said on Wednesday. I can’t wait to see tomorrow if he will still be the second line center in practice. Don’t forget that Paul Stastney is now with the organization and finds himself in the fourth grade.

“If we include the play-off matches, in his last 40 matches, he has only one goal. Only one goal, 10 assists and scored more or less than 0. We have to admit that the problems are big in his offensive state.

“He told us last year it was because of injuries, this year he has only two passes since the start of the season, in short, it’s really tough. For those who wondered if leaving the Canadians was a bad thing… I was wondering where he would play for the Habs now.

In his speech, Renaud Lavoie also spoke of Josh Norris losing the Ottawa Senators and succeeding Don Fayer at the helm of the NHL Players Association.

Watch it in the video above.

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