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It's up to Bergevin to respond!  |  Montreal Magazine

It’s up to Bergevin to respond! | Montreal Magazine

If we summarize the situation well. Anemia attack: 14 goals in the last eight matches.

Defensive brigade losing its luster: Shea Weber strives to compete at the same level as the best opposing attackers. Geoff Petrie ran out of fuel.

Five-point attack: 2 goals in the last 31 chances.

On the deadline, have we been able to improve the team? With a player who scored three goals in Buffalo, therefore, in front of Eric Stahl’s performance, one has to jump to the conclusion that his arrival upset the Canadian somewhat.

Another point, in front of the team’s failures, Dominic Ducharme has lost his ear. He made few changes to the workforce. Didn’t we say al-Kindi finally had a depth?

Ducharme stressed over the past few days that he cannot make any changes to the level of employment. He was tied to the salary cap.

Salary ceiling, isn’t it exactly the responsibility of the general manager, who must find solutions when the situation deteriorates? Mark Bergevin must prove he can stand up to adversity, and now is the time to do so.

Currently, the Habs is acting as a team that has a hard time maintaining a performance of 0.500, and on top of all that, there are many players who are developing without showing much conviction.

Time to take action, to make way for Cole Caufield to make his National League debut. What will Barjvin and Al-Kindi lose?

Nothing, they have everything to gain. After all, Caufield will replace a player who does not produce, and who is not achieving any positive results for his team.

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So far, there has been little change in the workforce mix during the ranks of authority.

And should we not bear in mind that selecting the workforce should be based on performance and results and not on reputation?

Can we defend the status quo when a team lost 4-0 to the Ottawa Senators in a match played at the Bell Center? Do we not, then, accept a climate of complacency? How do you create a sense of urgency when you tolerate indifference?

Or even when we’re giving so much freedom to players who clearly don’t have the same resources as before?

Bergevin created a salary cap for his team. He took justified risks. He made decisions that allowed his organization to fill in the loopholes. His boldness and the millions of dollars he spent to give his organization the best chance at achieving goals quickly earned him attention.

A great start. The beginning of the season showed that the attack was superior and that the defensive brigade had won in the balance of power.


We were also happy that we entrusted a lot of responsibilities to two young midfielders, Jespery Kotkaniemi and Nick Suzuki.

Otherwise, in the course of one season, a good team will have some hiccups. Young players will experience a drop in speed.

In the case of the Canadians, it was inevitable. However, this period of failure extends. Questioned the work of many veterans. It would be very easy to dwell on the contribution of the youngest. When warriors operate at half speed, inevitably, the youth will be attracted by confusion.

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Ducharme said he was handcuffed.

What awaits Bergvin, the one who has entrusted him with a very heavy responsibility of changing the methods of work of the employees, which he has not yet succeeded in achieving, what is Bergvin waiting for to provide him with the means to mobilize these forces. ??