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It's too early to worry about the Indian alternative

It’s too early to worry about the Indian alternative

It is still too early to determine whether the sharp rise in COVID-19 cases currently observed in India is due to the variable (B.1.617) identified in this region of the world, or to the relaxation of health measures.

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On the other hand, the data obtained from the Californian variant, which has the same mutation as the Indian variant (L452R), indicates a slight increase in the possibility of infection (20%) and a partial decrease in the inactivation of vaccines.

If we rely on the results obtained with other variants (the British and South Africa, in particular), it seems unlikely that these properties will be sufficient to give the virus an amazing increase in its ability to infect, compared to the frightening effectiveness of the available vaccines.


Variable sharing is complicated by the fact that Indian authorities have greatly relaxed health confinement and distant instructions much in recent months, particularly by allowing important gatherings at weddings, funerals, and especially religious holidays.

Conditions like these provide an ideal environment for the virus to spread, regardless of what mutations it carries.

We will only overcome this pandemic by combining vaccination with our discipline to restrict our communications.

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