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It's the end of Nuit blanche!

It’s the end of Nuit blanche!

Learn from journalist Richard Therrien from Soleil that this series White Night, presented on Radio Canada, will not be renewed for a second season by the broadcaster.

This comes as a surprise, as the creators initially announced that they wanted to spread this story over three seasons.

It is believed that the reason for this decision was the insufficient ratings of the public. However, more than 800,000 viewers watched this family story every week.

« It’s a series that we really liked, but it didn’t find its audience living up to our expectations. ”, explained the Director General of Télévision de Radio-Canada, Danny Melloul, to Soleil.

« Everyone did their best, the author was overflowing with imagination, but we have to admit that it was a modest success. We had doubts about the critical mass of people coming back next fall Added to the first director of drama and feature films, André Peraud.

Thus, there is only one episode left in this series for which you will not see a sequel.

Viewers will find some of the answers they have been waiting for, including the murderer Loulou Hébert (France Castel), without understanding everything about this story that turns out to be very complex and intense with its plot over two eras.

Did you like this series? Are you disappointed that it was not renewed by the broadcaster?

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