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It's the end of Luzo after 95 years of existence

It’s the end of Luzo after 95 years of existence

A Quebec retail establishment closed its doors yesterday, after 95 years of existence and less than three years after being sold to Ontario interests.

Lozeau, who specializes in photo and video, has been gone since Tuesday. The store announced this on its website. It has been owned by Ontario-based Henry’s since April 2019.

The store on Saint-Hubert Street in Montreal has been going through rough times for several years. Henry’s also protected itself from its creditors a little more than a year ago in order to restructure.

The company in particular mentions the endless works of St. Hubert Square to justify the difficult times.

Above all, customer shortages due to the pandemic and other problems, such as supply, related to COVID are also invoked.

“This situation has worsened with the start of the Saint-Hubert Street revitalization project, which began in 2019 and has lasted longer than expected,” the company wrote on its website.

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