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“It's heavy rock”

“It's heavy rock”

Legendary drummer Carmine Appice recently sparked controversy in the rock community when he claimed that Black Sabbath, often considered the pioneers of heavy metal, should instead be classified as “heavy hard rock.” Appice shared his opinions during an interview on The Adventures Of Pipeman, which aired on W4CY Radio.

When host The Pipeman pointed out that bands like Quiet Riot were not considered true heavy metal in the early 1980s, Appice agreed and expanded on the idea, even including Slayer in his analysis. “Even the killer. They didn't have that guitar.” [vraiment saturée] on time”“, the application said. “All these groups – Biohazard, etc. I mean all those bands were hard rock. Then as the metal movement grew, everyone started having guitars.”

Like Metallica's drums and fast bass drums like Lars' drums [Ulrich]. I think this is where it all started. Everything that's happening today started with Metallica, in my opinion. I mean, I could be wrong. But for me, everything before that, including Black Sabbath, was very difficult.

Appice, whose career has included concerts with bands such as Vanilla Fudge, Cactus and Rod Stewart, compared Black Sabbath to another iconic band. “Black Sabbath, to me, was like another Led Zeppelin band coming out of Birmingham. We played shows with Black Sabbath at the time they came out with Cactus…we were doing blues rock and Black Sabbath too. It was paranoia for me at the time As a communication interruption [de Led Zeppelin]”.

Last year, Appice confirmed to Ultimate Guitar that Black Sabbath asked him to be their drummer before his brother Vinny got the job. “They wanted to sign me, but at the time I was playing with Ruud [Stewart]We played in halls with 20,000 seats.”Application indicated. He explained that Sabbath had not achieved good financial results, which made the offer less attractive than his lucrative position with Stewart. “I felt like Saturday wasn't a good project for me, and I told my publicist I wasn't interested.”

Interview with Carmine App about Pipeman's adventures:

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