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'It's heartbreaking': Jean-Marc Genero talks about his departure from Dance with the Stars (EXCLUDED)

‘It’s heartbreaking’: Jean-Marc Genero talks about his departure from Dance with the Stars (EXCLUDED)

This year in dance with the starsIt’s the first time this has been done Jean Mark Genero Missing. The show’s featured juror has already decided to leave the ship after airing its 2019 anniversary season on TF1. Then soon Jean-Marc Genero Switched to France 2 to move just awesomeThe second edition will arrive on October 30. A major change in his career does not prevent him from paying attention to developments Dance with the stars. NS Purepeople.comHe shares his opinion and reconsiders the reasons for his departure.

Do you regret leaving dance with the stars ?

who – which It was impossible to participate this year with my 22-year-old daughter, who has a severe disability. It’s heartbreaking but it’s a family choice and I couldn’t choose my job. Because Francesca is with us at home 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Before that, it was taken care of from Monday to Friday, but it’s over since the epidemic, there is no service anymore.

What do you think of the new season and the new rules?

It is well consumed hence the casting is great. It is a jigsaw of completely different characters. We are in a very good frenzy. Proof, young people are there. I want this program to continue, we want to dance on TV. There is a huge challenge and nothing easy on offer. It all depends on the professional dancers, hats to them, hats to Camille Compal giving the banana, to Karen Ferry in charge of the evening and to the fun and varied jury. There is the mainstay, Chris Marquez who continues to do his good work. Dennitsa Ikonomova is great, this was to be expected, there are no surprises there (laughs). François Allu will seek this dimension of the scene and is a great creator and artist. And Jean Paul Gaultier was indeed a great director and fashion designer… Don’t throw any more, the room is full!

Are you still in contact with the show’s crew? Including Chris Marquez and Dennitsa Ikonomova…

Not much because I’m too busy and then I know what it is dance with the starsIt’s a blast that lasted three months or even four months. So they don’t have time either. It is a race against time. We don’t have time for socializing. Of course, with Chris we text each other, he’s someone I’ll keep in touch with maybe my whole life. It’s like Dennitsa, Christian Millet…

At the same time, you are working in Quebec shows revolution And If you think you can dance. You must have a very busy schedule!

Yes, but I have a wonderful family that helps me and a lot happens to me in Canada. It’s easier to manage because I can go home, help my wife, something I haven’t been able to do for the past 10 years. What is good with just awesome, That’s because I’ve been to France for about ten days, we’re hitting double digits and booming I’m back. corn, dance with the starsThere was 3 or 4 months. When I got home, it was only for 24 hours sometimes.

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