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It’s hard to land in the UK this summer

It’s hard to land in the UK this summer


Champions League: N’Colo Conte, tireless man of the match

Chelsea won Saturday’s Champions League final against Manchester City in the middle of the pitch with an uncompromising N’Colo Conte named man of the match. The omnipotent and undeniable French international midfielder N’Colo Conte signed with a new band to present the Chelsea Champions League trophy in Porto on Saturday 29th May, one of the few still missing from his vast record. A few weeks. Prior to the Euros (June 11-July 11) with the French team, Conte finished the first marathon: the cutting edge in the middle of the field, often invaluable during the rise of the “Blues” attack, the pocket midfielder (1.68m) was one of the founding men of this long-awaited coronation ceremony, second in Chelsea history And the best season for Londoners. As usual, the 2018 World Champion, the “favorite” of the French, was highly praised for its simplicity and its fear everywhere on the Dragon’s podium, Saturday evening. In the end, he was selected as the “Man of the Match”. At the break, he was already the highest-scoring player, having swallowed 6.16km in the first period and amassed 24 high-intensity races. Diego Silva’s injury exit (touched the addicts in the first half of the game), Conte multiplied the stolen balls in midfield. He provoked on Kevin de Bruyne in 52nd, came close to the surface of Edward Mendy, or even overcame this hot ball when it stopped at the feet of Riyad Mahrez in front of its surface, his best special. Contributing to both attack and defense In directing Coy Howards (42nd) goal even though he was not involved in the temple, Conte split some more important attacks: the little midfielder won in the air in the long run, at the start of the match (17th) between two defenders “Citizens”, but he did not shape the head . A few minutes ago (on the 12th), Timo Werner served him in the box, but he lost control. Shortly before the break (37th), Conte scratched a ball in his own half for a crazy ride into the opponent’s area, before losing control of the ball before turning Howard to his right. So the end result is not finding the web once with Chelsea … but with the inevitable sympathy and presence. “It’s incredible, it’s the result of a lot of effort. It’s (his matchmaker, editor’s note), it’s secondary. The Incredible “The English Championship was injured by an addictive muscle in mid-May. Having missed ten games this season, only four of them have been injured. Ure, this is one of the rarest of the warriors born in the quiet town of Ruil-Malmisen in the district of Geranium, and has gradually climbed all the continents to give this first European coronation. “He’s great. I do not know what to say. He surprises this guy. He runs everywhere, he makes differences, he makes violations … With him, we have the idea of ​​12 people on the field,” Oliver Grout praised on RMC Sport. . Burning as the level rises, Conte was already brilliant in the semifinals — the finals, twice as the man of the match in the first leg and in response against Real Madrid. “‘NG’ is used at the highest level, he also had some physical problems. It does not save itself, it is not a robot. Even when his team’s decision is almost certain, it does not prevent him from making the same attempts at the last minute. , I’m not going to change him, “Didier Deschamps said in March. A new lesson in jealousy and football is to give the blues coach a smile a few days before the match. Euro: After the “blues”, Conte will now increase and help the blues win a title in the euro. With AFP

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