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“It’s a rookie foul from Martin St. Louis.”

Jonathan Drouin defended himself after the game against the Lightning on Saturday night for missing the team’s meet the day before.

To punish him, Martin St. Louis didn’t use it at all even though he was in Tampa Bay uniform.

The host of “JiC” didn’t like the way the Canadiens coach handled this delicate profile.

“It’s a rookie foul from Martin St. Louis,” he said on Monday’s “Le Colisée” segment with Tony Marinaro.

“Martin wanted to send a message, but I was hoping he’d play Darwin against the Lightning because he’s short on players, but to tell him he won’t play Tuesday in Montreal. I don’t like to say it the same way, but it’s a rookie mistake, a rookie mistake, on the part of Martin and his assistants and Kent Hughes .

Explanations given by the Quebec strikerthat he did not hear his phone call and that he arrived “two minutes late” for the team meeting, did not convince J.C. and Marinaro.

He said: It fell on me. “But it’s not a draw,” said the host, “You haven’t won any lottery, Joe, you’re the culprit.”

“I didn’t like Jonathan’s response. He’s not helping himself. He should have shown humility. Unfortunately,” Marinaro added.

“Maybe it wasn’t a mistake and Martin thought it was more humiliating to persuade him than to let him miss the next game.”

‘The Canadian was too good for Darwin’

According to JiC, “The Canadians have been very good to Darwin this year.”

“You don’t do this to an organization that protects you like this. Jonathan has to realize that the Canadiens are protecting him, and Martin St. Louis is making him an unusual offer so he can save his career in the National League by getting a guaranteed contract this summer and not just a trial contract.” Drouin is so in his hands that he does everything to help him for the rest of his career.

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