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“It would be a disastrous scenario for CH.”

“It would be a disastrous scenario for CH.”

As the hours passed, it seemed clear that the Bell Center would not be welcoming fans anytime soon.

On the seventh floor of the building, Renaud Lavoie reported Tuesday in the preliminary match for the Lightning-Golden Knights presented on our airwaves, that the latest developments related to combating the COVID-19 pandemic are giving a lot of gray hair to Canadian leaders.

“The National Hockey League and Players Association had planned that last season would be played behind closed doors. So the owners had a guarantee that they would find the lost money shortly afterwards in the collective agreement.

“But in all this planning, there has never been any question about holding the matches of the current season without the presence of spectators. If CH, for example, has to play the whole month of January behind closed doors, we are talking about ten matches at home where he will lose a large income It would be a catastrophic scenario for the team. The worst.”

two scenarios

Then a TVA Sports informant revealed that the NHL is currently working on an entirely new version of the schedule. According to him, there are two possible scenarios regarding the future of things for Canadians.

“The first is that CH will be playing a lot of games on the road, in January and February, while you wait for less restrictive measures in Montreal. So hopefully we can get back to the Bale position in March in front of the fans and then play a few games in a row.

“Another scenario is for the Canadians to find a temporary home where they can play their home matches. However, this route would be very costly, because the entire organization would have to be housed over a long period.”

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Lavoie concluded with a very revealing sentence.

“But whatever you choose to do, playing games behind closed doors is, in a business sense, impossible in a way.”

Watch his full speech in the main video.