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It wasn’t just the senators who were interested

On March 30, 2022, almost a year ago to this day, A.J new The rumor caused an uproar in Quebec City, almost enough to shake the last walls that surrounded the Upper City. The Ottawa Senate, owned at the time by the late Eugene Melnyk, It was scheduled to play 5 regular season games in the provincial capital.

In an effort to nip the story in the bud, Sens head of commercial operations Anthony LeBlanc said:

“Representatives of the Legault government put forward the idea, during the meeting, that the games of the senators could take place at the Videotron Center. On the other hand, the discussions did not go further. – Anthony LeBlanc

But it was enough for all the Nordic fans to start dreaming about their love back in the Bateman circle and I get them. Unfortunately, the project doesn’t seem to be moving any further and it doesn’t seem to be firmly rooted in reality until this morning.

Speaking to Jean-Charles Lajoie on Premier Conteur on BPM Sports, Renaud Lavoie, journalist at TVA Sports, I brought out this story of mothballs He also reported on the latest developments in the matter of the sale of the sanctuary by Melnik’s heirs. Noting that Eugène’s two daughters would not make a $900 million profit after selling the club, and having to pay off their father’s nearly $450 million debt, JiC crept in to reminisce about this history of games in Quebec.

According to him, the previous owner’s plan was clear: bring games to Quebec, first 5 and then maybe 10 if all goes well, and if the experience is conclusive, move the team to the provincial capital of La Belle by adding local investors.

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Between the host’s text and the senators’ official statements, there is such a wide margin that I dare not take a stand. I’m not sure who to believe and when in doubt I prefer to abstain.

But if that be the case, I will not take the time to write to you with things we already know a great deal about. The catch is that Lavoie added his two cents by revealing that, according to what he could hear here and there, the Senators weren’t the only ones with a similar draft.

“I know it has also been talked about with other teams over the years to go and play games there.” – Renaud Lavoe

Thus, without elaborating, the informant sprinkled a little clear information without getting too wet and above all, without naming a team. It’s all interesting.

However, this raises some questions:

If this were true, what teams would have benefited from traveling to Quebec for regular season games? There are a few suspects like wolves and tornadoes that immediately come to mind.

If true, what derailed the project? Since the Quebecor employee speaks of it in the past tense, it means that these projects are no longer in progress. So what derailed the train before it reached its destination?

And finally, can we believe Renaud Lavoie on this one? At first glance, I’m inclined to think he has credibility, and so, there’s no reason not to believe him when he says such things. However, here we are talking about a Quebecor-paid journalist and a host who is also an employee of that fund who himself owns the grandstand where the games were to be held and who aims to become the owner of the Nordiques 2.0 if they are to rise from their ashes. So, if that happens, the business owner will be the main beneficiary of this whole thing. It may be that, in this case, they’re trying to plant the seed hoping it will eventually sprout in the heads of the NHL’s captains. Ordinarily, a journalist has a duty of impartiality, but the line is so thin it makes me suspicious.

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Do you think I’m digging too deep and creating weird scenarios for myself?

I don’t know what to think anymore. I want to believe it and see the Quebec-Montreal rivalry reborn, but there have been so many stories that haven’t even come close to fruition that it seems like I’m protecting myself not to get hurt again.

a lot of

The hockey department rarely asks the marketing department before making a decision. Here is another great example!

– Who do you think will win the Norris title this season?

“It shouldn’t be obvious, that’s for sure.