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"It was like a fairy tale"

“It was like a fairy tale”

In an interview with “Esquire” magazine, John Travolta recalled his legendary dance with Princess Diana, which took place during a state banquet at the White House.

john Travolta He remembers meeting him with Mrs. Diana As if it was yesterday. In November 1985, a Hollywood representative was invited to the White House to attend a state banquet hosted by President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy in honor of Prince Charles and Princess of Wales’ visit to the United States.

During the evening, the “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease” star cheers with both hands and invites Princess Diana to dance. The interview was conducted on April 21, 2021 in the Mexican version of the magazine.RespectedThis “magic moment” was remembered by the actor.

She gave me that captivating smile, just a little sad.

“I don’t remember being asked to be invited to dance. I had the great honor and privilege to have this moment … I had to lead the dance and make sure we had fun. It was the easiest part, but just greeting Diana appropriately, and she has enough.” From trusting and inviting her to dance, all of this was a difficult task, “he said.

“Think about the decor. We were in the White House. It was midnight. The scene is like a dream. I approached her, touched her elbow, and invited her to dance. She turns around and gives me that captivating smile, a little sad, and accepts my invitation. And here we are, dancing together like a fairy tale. Who would have imagined that something like this would happen to them one day? I was smart enough to record this in my memory as a very special magic moment. ”

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During the event, Diana performed a dance for two other Hollywood stars, Clint Eastwood and Tom Selleck. But she did not dance with Prince Charles.

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