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It was alleged that the UK government threatened to protect Johnson after the holiday scandal during the lockout

It was alleged that the UK government threatened to protect Johnson after the holiday scandal during the lockout

A senior British Conservative official on Thursday accused the government of “blackmailing” elected Tories suspected of seeking to oust Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Is the head of government Disputed Even within the conservative majority from a series of catastrophic manifestations System 10 Downing Street PartiesIn full brackets Against Govt-19.

It will be Threatened that duty To resign If 54 of the 360 ‚Äč‚Äčconservatives sitting in the House of Commons take the initiative to write a letter of protest to the chairman of the “1922 Committee”, a committee Members of Parliament Tories.

In a statement, William Wrak, chairman of the Committee on Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs, lamented that “over the past few days” many members of parliament “have been under pressure because of the declared or speculated desire that they should vote.” Hope “.

“Furthermore, the information brought to my attention would be threatening,” he added, advising the Speaker of Parliament and his colleagues to report such incidents to the police.

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When asked about this during a television interview on the side of a trip to a health facility in Somerset, Boris Johnson said he “did not see”. No evidence has been found or heard to support such claims“.

These comments confirm the position previously published by his services. A spokesman noted that “the small component that supports these allegations will be carefully analyzed.”

The limit of 54 elected officials has not yet crossed the threshold of holding a referendum on maintaining Boris Johnson as prime minister, with many Conservative elected officials saying they would like to wait for the results of an internal investigation into Downing Street services.

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Investigations are being led by senior civil servant Sue Gray. According to an ITV political correspondent, on May 20, 2020, they found the email of a senior official against running one of the controversial parties.

Boris Johnson agreed in Parliament last week That he attended this meeting of about forty people – When health restrictions against COVID-19 severely restricted meetings – he thought it was a work meeting under the shouts of protesters.

In his press release, William Vrock reveals the role of the “whips” of parliamentarians responsible for ensuring that elected Conservatives follow the path of government.

“It is definitely their duty to ensure the work of the government in the assembly,” he said. “However, it is not within their purview for the minister to violate the law by threatening to stifle the investment of members of the publicly funded parliamentary constituencies.”