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“It takes double the effort.”

“It takes double the effort.”

While Islamophobia is on the rise in France, many French Muslim executives are leaving their country or are considering doing so. Employment discrimination is one of the main reasons why they flee France to other countries.

It is a mass exodus, but in reverse, of qualified Muslim executives. Stigma and discrimination, especially in employment, drive many French Muslims to emigrate to other countries.

I feel much better here (in Dubai) compared to France »

At the end of April, a book was published entitled “ France, you love it, but you are leaving » He lifted the veil on this trend, stressing that highly qualified French Muslims are fleeing France to other cities such as London, Montreal, New York or Dubai.

The book is based on the results of a study conducted by researchers among 1,000 people, which revealed that 71% of participants cited racism and discrimination to explain their choice to leave France.

Since the publication of this book, tongues have spread and testimonies have multiplied in the French media.

The newspaper published the latest testimonies on Friday, May 24 Free Charente. This newspaper reported that Adam decided to leave his country, France, to immigrate to Dubai. He claims to have failed 50 job interviews for a consulting position. This is despite his qualifications and certificates.

I feel much better here (Dubai) compared to France “, he declares. The thirty-year-old young man, of Moroccan origin, adds that his religion “ More acceptable » In Dubai, where he started a new life.

Here we are all equal “Adam also testifies, stressing that in France, people from certain minorities have to do this.” Weak effort “From others. He certainly misses his life in France, but he claims to have escaped.” Islamophobia » And everything that entails, such as frequent police checks.

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As Muslims, we are special »

Like Adam, most of the people in his case come from immigrants in the 1960s, were born in France, and are therefore considered French. But with the rise of Islamophobia in recent years, they feel alienated, even… Second class citizens » In their country, the speaker denounces.

For a French-Algerian banker, who is preparing to leave France next June for Dubai, the climate in France has deteriorated greatly. ” As Muslims, we are special he states, specifically referring to some news channels that equate all Muslims with extremists.

In addition to this stigma, this banker often encountered “ Glass ceiling “In his professional career. A 33-year-old French man of Moroccan origin, who is preparing to settle in Southeast Asia, agrees, saying that he is in France. We are suffocating “.

This Frenchman of the Islamic faith, who works in the field of technology, wants to escape from his side.” Surrounding gloom “And the” Humiliation » From daily life because of his origins and family name. When he is judged because of the color of his skin, he is constantly asked “ what he does » At his place of residence, where he has resided for several years.

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