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It is alleged that about 30 GB of data was stolen from BRP

It is alleged that about 30 GB of data was stolen from BRP

About 30 gigabytes of data were allegedly stolen in a cyber attack on recreational vehicle manufacturer BRP earlier this month.

According to the Hackfest Facebook page, the Ransomexx group, which is believed to be behind the cyber attack, released more than 29.29 gigabytes of data online, including copies of passports, contracts and projects stolen from BRP computers.

However, the company, for its part, ensures that the scope of the cyber attack remains limited.

“Although the investigation is still ongoing, the evidence collected to date allows BRP to consider that the impact of this incident from a data privacy perspective is limited, as stated in the press release issued August 15, 2022,” the company argued in a statement. Reporter at the end of Tuesday evening.

According to BRP, “only a small number of employees” will be affected by this incident, and those will have access to resources, such as credit monitoring services.

It added that “according to the current status of the investigation, BRP also considers that the compromised information about some of its suppliers is limited in quantity and sensitivity, and is in the process of contacting them,” stressing that “there is no evidence.” That customer data has been affected.

Valcourt’s flagship revealed on August 9 that it was the target of a cyber attack that forced it to suspend its activities, in Canada, the United States and Austria.

Activities have gradually resumed in the various factories of the group as of August 15th.

BRP said when it resumed operations that it expects “the impact of this incident to be limited from a data privacy perspective.”

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“If conditions change, BRP will contact the affected individuals or companies directly,” the company said.