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Les joueurs du FC Barcelone n'ont pas aimé la virée à Sydney pour un amical (Icon Sport)

It heated up between Xavi and his players on the sidelines of a match in Australia –

On May 25, at the end of its season, FC Barcelona traveled to Sydney for a friendly against Australia’s best players. A trip that did not please the players and they informed the service. Further

Sydney, Is a trip too much?

As the season came to an end, players were unable to head straight for the holidays. In fact, the club FC Barcelona He accepted a 5 million offer to play a gala match against the All-Star team of the Australian Championship. Long trip to a friendly match, this idea does not need to impress the locker room. In fact, players would have expressed their dissatisfaction to their coach service.

However, the Spanish technician would not appreciate the rigor of his players. Effect, El Periodico Xavi reveals that he would have strongly reshaped his team by explaining that this match was used to pay their salaries, among other things. ” Now if you put five million euros out of your pocket on the table I will take it to the President and we will not go to Australia.“, He said. Vibration.

Serve as Redeemer?

When FC Barcelona were faltering at the start of the season, under the leadership of Ronald Koeman, Xavi intervened as the real savior. So much so that the Catalan team had an excellent series of unbeaten matches until the end of January and the beginning of April. Barcelona supporters need to give something a show. However, the season ended badly with Eintracht being eliminated in the Europa League quarter-final against Frankfurt.

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Xavi (Parsa coach) wants change from next summer transfer window! / Promo game

Next season will be even better. Whereas Xavi expects leaders to be strengthened Staff significantly during the summer break, Blagranas should be much stronger than last season. As Real Madrid’s real rivals, Xavi and his men will be left behind in the league. A film we never thought of for Barcelona’s best FC team a few years ago …