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It creates a horizontal Game Boy prototype and you'll want it

It creates a horizontal Game Boy prototype and you’ll want it

One fan took apart the Game Boy to recreate it…horizontally. A small technical feat that will appeal to all nostalgia.

Nintendo gameboy horizontal game by Obiux // Source: Obiux

Everyone loves Game Boy‘Can we read? Nintendo site (Yes, this console’s gender is officially specified in masculine, sorry for feminine usage.) This assertion might be a bit ambitious, but we have to admit that the portable console that was released in 1989 in Japan was a mark on the minds of gamers at the time, ushering in the era of portable consoles.

It was incredible, the Game Boy suffered from many flaws. First of all, its dim screen, but also its shape. The console is large and heavy and its vertical layout causes it to unbalance within reach. In 2001, Nintendo understood this and released the Game Boy Advance in landscape format, which is still used today with the Nintendo Switch.

horizontal model

So a well-known fan under the alias Obiux decided to imagine what the Game Boy would look like if in the late 80s Nintendo decided to offer a landscape format. For this, he sacrificed two Game Boy pieces in order to recreate a shell more to his liking before reassembling a functional and more comfortable console.

Obiux doesn’t say how long he has been on this project, but he introduces certain phases through a YouTube video that ends with testing the prototype on Tetris.

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To achieve this, he had to change many parts, including the motherboard, and took the opportunity to make some improvements to the screen. It is now backlit and the button allows you to choose the color of the backlight in order to adjust the screen color.

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Another improvement, not least, the location of the four AA batteries has been replaced with a built-in USB rechargeable battery.

There is no marketing plan

This is a completely personal project and Obiux has no plans to release a batch to replicate its achievement. Unfortunately, we really liked to get our hands on this little console that blows the winds of modernity on the embers of our nostalgia.

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