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“”Islamists are in control of UK”, ex-home secretary says”

“”Islamists are in control of UK”, ex-home secretary says”

Tribune – Suella Braverman's report shows the deadlock of the British multicultural model and the failure of its integration strategy without integration, finds the former French ambassador to the UK.

The attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7 revealed the failure of the British model of a multicultural society. Events since then illustrate the growing influence of Islamic extremism in a country that once praised a model of integration rather than integration. Qualifying this position, former Interior Minister Suella Braverman recently announced telegram That The United Kingdom is currently controlled by Islamists. They exert their influence in all fields. »

A recent example is the decision by the Speaker of the House of Commons to change the procedures of the British Parliament in the name of protecting MPs, some of whom have been threatened for refusing to call for a ceasefire. Fire in Gaza. Without going into detail about these practical issues, the important thing to remember is that intimidation and fear have driven a Western political system – the parliamentary system.

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