ISAE-Supméca Science Festival ISAE-Supméca, October 7, 2021, Saint-Ouen.

Science Festival October 07
ISAE-Supméca ISAE-Supméca Higher Institute of Mechanics in Paris. Face-to-school reservation is required.

The educational and entertaining workshops are run by students from the Higher Institute of Mechanics in Paris for primary school students.
How does the body fly? Simple and fun experiments and demonstrations using aircraft wings, missiles and drones.
Chemistry and physics in our daily life. Do your own experiments and discover physical and chemical phenomena in your daily life.
robots. Programming, 3D printer, design: to understand everything about the world of robotics.
With the participation of ISAE-Supméca student associations: Supméca School Support (3S), Robotics Club and Supméc’aéro.
Registration for categories only (without individual registration)

Ile-de-France > Seine-Saint-Denis
ISAE-Supméca 3 Rue Fernand Hainaut 93400 Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine 93400

Organizer: ISAE-Supméca