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Isabelle Deschamps Plante will succeed Riccardo this fall on television: “I was overwhelmed with love”

If Isabelle Deschamps-Plant had doubts about viewers’ reaction to the idea that she would succeed Ricardo in the animation for Radio-Canada’s morning cooking show, she was quickly reassured.

Once she passed the information on social networks, on April 2, once her mentor made the announcement on the set Everyone talks about it“You just showered me with love,” she says in an interview. register.

Presentation collaborator Ricardo For five years on screen, Isabelle Deschamps-Plant knew Quebecers had already embraced her.

“That those close to me are happy, I understand, but I felt that people thought Ricciardo made the right decision. I cried for an hour reading the letters. I couldn’t believe people trusted me.”

“Ricardo is a legend”

As of September, he is a former dual finalist and current member of the cooking competition jury Bosses! She’ll host a cooking show three times a week, which, she says, will be very respectful of the formula that made it so successful. Ricardo For 21 years: Providing easy-to-cook recipes.

Associates Marie-Eve Sharon and Eliza Prevost will remain at his side.

Her show, not yet titled, will be part of the continuity because, as she often reiterates in interviews, we cannot replace Ricardo.

“Ricardo is a legend. No one in Quebec has been able to have a daily newspaper for 21 years and go into people’s homes. Everything he rode with is irreplaceable.” [sa femme] Bridget. It’s an empire. For my part, I’ll start with my first show and we’ll see (laughs). I will enjoy my chance to be there.”

reverse roles

If he left animation, Ricardo wouldn’t be far from the kitchen. He will be the producer of Isabelle’s show and coach of the latter.

In the “Roles Reversed” category, we’ll see him on a regular basis as a collaborator. “Each week, he’ll come by and show us finds, recipes, and favorites,” the host gleefully says.

Filming will begin in mid-August, with the first broadcast premiering in September. Isabelle Deschamps-Plant, who has been taking animation lessons for two years, is very excited.

“It surprises me because I’m such a nervous girl, but I can’t wait to start this project, I can’t wait to be with people, to show them how I cook. I find that really cool.”

In the fall, Riccardo mentioned that he didn’t want to come back. When asked if I’d have any interest, I answered yes without hesitation. People don’t know that, but since I’ve been working for Riccardo, I’ve been a chef for the magazine too. Oftentimes, recipes that Posted by Ricardo is mine. I know his ecosystem very well.”

“I never thought I would get a TV show. By acting and being judged Heads!, I realized that this is an area that I really like. I think a TV is like a kitchen. It’s very family friendly, the teams are tight knit, and you never know how the days will turn out.

“On TV, I love the educational aspect, sharing knowledge. I’ve been doing this already with restaurant teams. Doing it on a larger scale, getting to people in their homes, excites me. I don’t want people to remember me on TV, but when they host the weekend, I’d To say: This is the prescription of Jesus.

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“When developing a recipe, sometimes it works the first time, but sometimes you have to redo it 12-13-14 times. Like a cake, it has to be perfect. Then someone will test the recipe and if there are problems with the test, we redo Tested. Sometimes you have to remake it. It’s a great process for every recipe to be foolproof and simple to make for people at home. It sounds easy, but it’s complicated.

“There are so many new products and new trends. Food changes so much that renewing itself is not difficult.”