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Is there a link between IUDs and depression?

According to a recent observation from the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines, the hormonal IUD has an effect on depressive tendencies.

The IUD that contains the most hormones has a higher risk of depressive disorders. That’s what ASNM has just reported, in a note published in mid-February.(1).

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In fact, as the agency points out, “Even if a possible effect is mentioned in the leaflet, women who carry a hormonal IUD do not necessarily associate the potential decline in morale with the contraceptive method.” However, women who use hormonal IUDs have been shown to have a 10% higher risk of developing depressive syndrome.

However, the 300,000 newly affected women each year who have had a hormonal IUD need nothing to worry about, the ASNM confirms. Low risk still needs to be clarified. You must see it A new sign women deserve to know. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to speak to your doctor.

Slightly increased risk

The high-dose hormonal IUD, levonorgestrel, accounts for two-thirds of the hormonal IUDs currently in use in France. However, according to a large French epidemiological study examining the links between the type of IUD used and the consumption of antidepressants, the risk increases slightly if the IUD is loaded with high doses of hormones.

Based on health insurance reimbursement data (SNDS), women who had an IUD with a higher dose of levonorgestrel (52 mg) had a very slightly increased risk of using antidepressants in the two years following insertion, compared to those with an IUD with a lower dose of progestin.

Psychiatrist, psychologist, psychoanalyst Who chooses and why?

The first conclusive study

This is the first time a study has shown a risk of depressive disorders depending on the dose of levonorgestrel contained in the IUD. On the other hand, this study did not show an increase in the use of anxiolytics or hypnotics. All hormonal IUDs (or hormonal IUDs) that contain levonorgestrel are likely to be affected by this risk.

In the event of a change in mood and the appearance of symptoms of depression, including at the beginning of treatment, women are of course advised to contact their general practitioner, gynecologist, midwife or pharmacist.

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