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«Les signaux en provenance du Royaume-Uni sont alarmants. Hausse des cas, hospitalisés et décès liés au variant indien», a prévenu le Pr Gilbert Deray.

Is the rise of “Indian” diversity in the United Kingdom worrying?

Test Process – This variation, which was partly due to a strong wave in India, is now in the majority in the United Kingdom. Should we worry?

Question – In France, the situation seems to be returning to normal. It appeared in India in December 2020 and has gradually become a majority in both countries, which may be the reason for the re-emergence of the epidemic in Great Britain at the end of May.

While the increase is moderate for now, British Health Secretary of State Matt Hankok Called with caution, The highest level since April 27 on May 27, indicating that 3,542 new cases have been registered. In these cases, 50 to 75% of the reason for this variation is that it was not present in British soil until a few weeks ago.

«Signals coming from the UK are dangerous. Cases associated with Indian variation, hospitalization and increased mortality“, Warns Professor Gilbert Terre, a physician at Pitti-Sulfatrier Hospital, who frequently reports on the evolution of the epidemic on the social network.

Does the situation really matter? What do we know about this variation? Can he ignore the immunity gained by the vaccine? At what rate is it in France?

Checking. For now, the health condition

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