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Is Netflix down in the UK?  Users report being "blocked" by the service

Is Netflix down in the UK? Users report being “blocked” by the service

Netflix is ​​”down” for many users in the UK this afternoon.

People report getting a “blocked” message when opening the streamer’s website or app.

Issues with Netflix were reported after 4:00pm today (August 19).

Here’s everything you need to know:

Is Netflix down in the UK?

website Fall detection Around 4pm shows a spike in reports of the streaming service not working.

Issues with the website and app are reported.

People claim to see a 403 blocked message.

UK users are reporting that the service is down, including in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

Service outages have also been reported in Europe.

One person tweeted: “#netflixdown in Switzerland too…”

Another person wrote, “Netflix, all you can do is tell us why Netflix is ​​down.

“When Xbox services went down, Microsoft issued a quick response acknowledging the problem and saying they were working on it.

“Admit the ban so your loyal paying subscribers know they’re not crazy. »

Check your Netflix viewing history with this Chrome extension. Photo: Olivier Toulieri/AFP via Getty Images.

What does it mean if the service is “blocked”?

Netflix users report that the streamer is ‘blocked’ or see the following code ‘nw-6-50’

One person wrote on DownDetector: “The website has stopped working and says it’s blocked.”

Another added: “Netflix blocked me, I’m not using a VPN. »

A person said, “I was watching a series and suddenly the whole website is down. »

On its website, Netflix says: “A network problem is preventing your device from connecting to the Netflix website.

Is there a way to fix it?

A DownDetector user seems to have found a way to fix the 403 Stuck message.

They explained, “I cleared my cookies and cache and it’s working again. Maybe they can try something delicious for us in the future!”