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Is Mario Party Superstars the best in the series?

Is Mario Party Superstars the best in the series?

When it comes time to get out of the games of the past, some accuse Nintendo of being lazy (or lazy!). How is that better by Mario Party? I’ve played en masse for the past few days to give you my impressions:

A copy of the game provided by the Canadian company Nintendo
Image credit: Nintendo

On your scores…party!

Mario Party Superstars is a collection of the best boards and mini-games that have accumulated over the past decades. Many decisions had to be made and they were well defined.

The selection of 100 mini-games came close to perfection and although some of them are a bit similar in their dynamics, I never did “Oh no, not that damned game!”

It made me really happy to be reunited with Shy Guy Says and other hit songs my teenage time!

Several bad decisions from the past Decked out to get back to basics: no more special dice for each character and other patents unnecessarily lengthening games.

A very positive point compared to its previous entry on the Switch: we can use our professional consoles to play. It’s definitely more fun that way!

The party is stuck!

Is Mario Party Superstars the best in the series?

A player who stumbles upon this random game may end up guessing it’s a bunch of old minigames, but it will take some time before they realize it. Everything has been reconfigured in order to create a unified and cohesive image within the game.

Lorsqu’ils ne sont pas en train de jouer, les joueurs peuvent réagir aux actions à l’écran à l’aide de petites étiquetes mignonnes qui ne changent pas grand-chose, mais tant que ça ne nuit pas ence à lça do not bother me.

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Computer AI is well calibrated. On easy and casual, I always win, but I see a jump in their programming. I’m not proud to say that the toughest characters gave me a hard time!

The biggest challenge when building a board game is balancing the contribution of luck and the contribution of skill and this is where the combination works well. We don’t feel like we’re playing for nothing because of that “Anyway, everything will change in the next round.”, but sometimes there are unexpected twists and turns that create surprises!

The party continues

Is Mario Party Superstars the best in the series?

When I say Mario Party Superstars is effective, it’s real as evidenced by my girlfriend’s pulse on her smartwatch!

On several occasions during our matches the tension peaked causing the heart rate to rise. Far from being an ingrained player, she appreciates that Mario Party Superstars heightens the emotions by staying simple but effective.

My general experience with Mario Party is to play all the modes and then move on to another game because the lack of depth in the party game is a very difficult loophole to solve. After playing 4-5 really fun mini games, we move on.

This time around, not only does the little library of Mario Party Superstars games make us want to replay them, but the online modes will make sure I play them for the long haul.

If you read me a lot, you’ll rarely see me talking about online multiplayer stuff. That’s not what usually appeals to me, especially for a party game where the fun is on the couch. Except that with Mario Party Superstars, the online competition is fierce enough to make me want to outrun myself on my own!

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While Nintendo is not known for its smooth online modes, I have not had any problems during gaming sessions with strangers from the rest of the world.

In survival mode you have to win undefeated minigames in order to score points which is very difficult. The good sense of the hard!

small defects

Is Mario Party Superstars the best in the series?

Mario Party Superstars is a Mario party and it retains some of these flaws. With only eight playable characters, I find that this leaves few options for the fourth person looking for a character.

The world of the Mushroom Kingdom is so vast I wanted to find other playable characters out there.

Speaking of imperfection, Party mode only offers five gamepads. I realize it’s usual to offer a few in Mario Party, but for the Superstars version, I think we could have had one. eight. Party Mode can become redundant faster than I’d like.

I find it’s times like these that you accuse Nintendo of being lazy. Party mode is the main mode of the game. I feel like it wouldn’t have been And It’s hard to give us a little more in order to provide a complete experience.


Is Mario Party Superstars the best in the series?

The good news in all of this is that the five game boards are still different in their mechanism and presentation.

The mini-games section offers seven different modes, some of which are online like survival mode or daily challenges. Offers loads of challenges and replayability!

Mario Party Superstars is the best in the series, pulling the best items from all of its releases. It does brilliantly what it has to do. With ease in both its instructions and its game boards, Mario Party Superstars will appeal to the whole family.

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I really enjoy playing alone in the morning to get up or in the evening with my girlfriend. Mario Party Superstars and I have one thing in common: we make his heart beat really fast!