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Is love a chemical phenomenon?

Is love a chemical phenomenon?

Norman Boyer, a chemist and science publishing scientist, has been lecturing on the chemistry of love for several years.

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“Love is a feeling that affects everyone from 7 to 97 years old. It can be explained by chemistry, because this is a central science,” says the professor.

Fell in love

This phenomenon is compared to “a blow with a hammer on the finger”, on the other hand, much more pleasant. It is connected to very specific chemical molecules that completely control our bodies.

So love at first sight happens at any age and [dans n’importe quelles] conditions. On the other hand, despite its beauty, it does not last. ”

eternal love

According to the professor, certain molecules are associated with each stage of love. They provide information about the feelings a person is going through in a relationship.

Norman Boyer has been organizing this conference for the past 15 years, and it’s adapted to every audience. A job he does with pleasure: “Even after 325 presentations, I am always happy to present this conference,” the professor notes.

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