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Is it time for a Nintendo Switch 2?

With the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, many are hoping to see Nintendo announce a new console soon. Is this your case? This is our poll for this week!

Source: Nintendo

zelda. This is probably the word you’ll hear the most on the editorial staff for a week, and most recently from Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tearsmarked the video game news for May 2023. Its impressive sales testify to this, if need be.

However, this release is accompanied by a discussion, which regularly rocks fans of the red hood brand, both inside and outside the editorial staff: Was the Nintendo Switch its day? Or to put it another way: Isn’t it time for a Nintendo Switch 2 or its possible successor?

The Nintendo Switch Pro that never came before

Recall that in 2021, rumors have been circulating about a Nintendo Switch Pro, which is capable of displaying the games of the famous Japanese publisher in 4K resolution. Then Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch OLED, a version that still sports the Tegra X1 chip from 2015. According to several sources, a Pro version was in the cards, but Nintendo canceled it.

Since the new Zelda opus has just been launched, the desire for a more powerful Switch is winning over many fans. On the contrary, others claim that they are satisfied with the proposed experience and do not feel the need for renewal. Some finally conjure up a handheld console revival, with Steam Deck and Rog Ally in the picture.

Is it time for a Nintendo Switch 2?

That’s why we wanted to ask your opinion about the Nintendo Switch 2 Virtual Edition? Do you expect that? If so, when?

As always, feel free to give your reasons for voting by commenting on this article. We’re curious to get a more detailed opinion. We will update this article next week with the results of the vote.

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