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Is cursing good for your health?

Is cursing good for your health?


  • Using insults builds tolerance for physical and emotional pain.

When some hurt themselves, get in trouble, or get angry, they tend to swear. according to A study published in the journal Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology On March 23, cursing can have health benefits. In order to come to this conclusion, scientists from Keele University in England investigated whether swearing increases “state prevention,” that is, a state of low self-control and lack of self-control.

For working purposes, they conducted two experiments. The first was performed with 56 people and the second on 118 adults. “The experiments measured their physical performance and risk-taking. The second experiment, which was previously recorded, assessed feelings, humor, distraction, self-confidence, and anxiety,” Can we read in the searches.

Unexpected benefits of the department

According to the results, the frequency of sweating increases physical strength and risk-taking. The researchers noted that participants could perform push-ups for longer after swearing. The volunteers also took a higher risk (8%), for example by inflating a balloon as far as possible without it popping. As it turns out, the funny side of the profanity is An important psychological path To enhance physical strength. According to the study, swearing also increased self-confidence.

“Swearing appears to produce a state of ‘warm cognition,’ which helps us reduce everyday fears and fears. This may have beneficial effects in certain situations.” Richard Stevens, who led the work, said in statment.

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