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iPhone: wallpapers that change depending on the battery level

Since the arrival of the shortcuts functionality on iOS, many practical tips have appeared. Including a special process for those who care about battery level, suggested by Ben Fisi. These actually adjust your wallpaper according to the battery level.

iPhone: Battery level on lock screen

It’s 2021, but smartphone battery life is still a concern. We always wonder how big a phone battery is and want to know how long it will last before we order the device.

However, if the low battery life scares you, then Ben Vessey’s clever trick for iPhone wallpaper may help you. As you likely guessed, the wallpaper changes depending on the battery’s condition. You can choose different home and lock screen for healthy battery, low battery, and charging mode

Dynamo wallpapers, available only on iOS for iPhone, use iOS shortcuts to automate actions thus adapting wallpapers according to remaining battery or when iPhone is charging. Each package contains 3 sets of wallpapers which sell for around 4 € and there are several packages. For example, a somewhat bite-sized apple or an emoji that smiles and makes a face.

Shortcuts: Create your own dynamic wallpapers

If you are already familiar with setting up automation on iPhone, you might already know how to set up wallpaper changes. Because nothing is stopping you from doing this kind of automation yourself in Shortcuts. Just use the image’s search procedure and link it to scripts dedicated to iPhone charging status and battery level.

iPhone: wallpapers that change depending on the battery level

Are you interested in iPhone shortcuts? explore Invisible button on iPhone that allows you to program shortcuts !

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