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iPhone: 5 new features with iOS 15.4

iPhone: 5 new features with iOS 15.4

The new iOS 15.4 update is coming on Sunday! However, several important developments are expected. We are evaluating 5 new features that users are eagerly waiting for.

Tuesday was Apple’s latest keynote. An opportunity for the brand to present the third generation (the long-awaited) iPhone SE and the green iPhone 13, but also iOS 15.4. This is the biggest smartphone update of the brand since the launch of iOS 15 last September. What should we expect for this new release?

New features are eagerly awaited by users

Face recognition by mask

We recently announced that the Cupertino company is planning this new version, Unlock iPhone even with mask. A long-awaited feature by users which, despite everything, comes a little late. The government announced the lifting of the obligation to wear the muzzle as of tomorrow, with the exception of public transportation. Note that this novelty is currently reserved for iPhone 12 and 13 users only.

Vaccination card in Wallet

If there are a few places that still require it, in some cases, presentation of the vaccination card remains mandatory. For this purpose, Apple offers, thanks to the release of iOS 15.4, to add the pass in the Cards and Health apps.

Notes for all passwords

We obviously have more and more passwords, and it’s not always easy to remember them. Apple, with its update, offers to add a note for each of the accounts registered in the password manager. This allows you to find an account whose name you forgot.

New emoji

This new version of iOS comes with 36 new emojis. Mirror ball, crutch, bubbles… In short, many emojis have been available on all iPhones since the 6S model.

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120 Hz for iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max

Currently, the only iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models come with a ProMotion display, which displays a refresh rate of 120Hz. Except for that at the moment, there were only a handful of apps compatible with this feature. With the arrival of iOS 15.4, all apps can now enjoy it on both devices.

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