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iPhone 14 Pro drops the notch according to this big piece of info

iPhone 14 Pro drops the notch according to this big piece of info


Posted by nassim-chentouf on .

New great info from the Korean company TheElec, always well informed. Information confirming the abandonment of the first class of the iPhone 14 Pro. Obviously, tweezers are required.

2022 is expected to be rich for smartphone enthusiasts. more From a new version of iPhone SE, Apple fans are especially anticipating the iPhone 14. Source range So many rumors The most frequent is nothing but a lack of degree. The absence may have been confirmed by significant information coming from TheElec, a well-informed company. It is rumored that the iPhone 14 Pro will benefit from screens designed by Samsung and LG. Notch switch screens for a small hole where the front sensor will be located. If this rumor is confirmed, the Cupertino company will draw a line around this growth for the first time since the iPhone X!

This big information confirms that the iPhone 14 Pro score is missing

After several generations, Apple finally broke with the first class. Samsung LG and LG will supply LTPO OLED panels for the iPhone 14 Pro and replace the screen bump for a small hole (called punch hole in the original version). The selfie camera is more discreet and is an extra step in terms of technology before it is placed under the plate. Unfortunately, not all models in the range will benefit from this advance. The notch appears to be still present on the iPhone 14. There is also talk, to leave more options, for the Touch ID fingerprint reader below the display.

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For the more curious, the term LTPO stands for Low temperature polycrystalline oxide. This technology specifically allows the iPhone 13 Pro to adjust the refresh rate in real time for an ideal visual display. But rest assured: this feature does not affect battery life, on the contrary. It allows you to get more energy. Suffice it to say that having it for the iPhone 14 Pro can do wonders. So we’re expecting a major update to the smartphone and the promise that the notch is (finally) taking a bow. For several years, every model of this potential abandonment that users have demanded has been talked about.