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inXile Entertainment (Wasteland 3) is said to be operating on a “Generated License” | Xbox One

Since the release of Wasteland 3 in 2020, we have had no news about upcoming projects from studio inXile Entertainment. A shortage about to be filled?

The return of the famous license?

If the company did indeed formalize the development of two titles at once, we know very little about them. One will be a first-person RPG that takes place in a steampunk setting, while the second remains completely mysterious, knowing that the studio was only in “pre-production” in September 2020. Now, it’s via the Linkedin profile of a former employee. New evidence has emerged…

In fact, George Williams, a former game designer for the company, recently updated his profile with some interesting details. And so we learned that he was going to work on a project that he hadn’t announced yet, but would be integral to an “existing licence.” So it could be the fourth installment of the Wasteland franchise or something else entirely. Anyway, this story seems to be known to the general public!

It will therefore be essential that you remain attentive to the following letters from the studio and Xbox. What’s more, Microsoft’s gaming branch will have a new time calling starting June 11th with the Xbox Classic Summer Game Show! The film will last for about 90 minutes, and it will be followed by Starfield Direct, which will detail the main features and elements of the Bethesda giant, which is scheduled for next September.

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