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Intimidation: SSF football team denied regional final

Intimidation: SSF football team denied regional final

Séminaire Saint-François (SSF) in Quebec is sending a clear message about bullying in schools.

After an incident that allegedly occurred within the third-tier football team, the SSF management allegedly forced the players to lose in the middle of the regional semi-finals.

Management canceled the game that was scheduled for Friday, 5 p.m., against the Saint-Jean-Eudes college team, allowing the Condors to reach the regional final.

For the head of the Collège Saint-Jean-Eudes football program, who was due to face the SSF, this is a great learning opportunity, both for the individuals involved and for other young people.

“We would have preferred to play that match on the field. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for our youth to learn a lesson from everything that happens, to realize that no one is safe from such situations and that in the end when we have behaviors that require stakeholder consequences, it is beyond the scope of Sports, you will work ”, confirms Olivier Roiland Geiger.

He even intends to use this mode to raise awareness among young people.

What we must remember from this situation is that there are consequences for our actions. Obviously we will use this on our part to educate our youth.

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