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Interesting statue of Putin on display in London

Interesting statue of Putin on display in London

A bloody statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared in a London park on Saturday.

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The ‘artwork’ was made by French artist Jean Colomina as part of an exhibition that will be shown in several venues, according to reports Reuters. Epoxy resin was used for its design.

Specifically, it is a small red statue of Vladimir Putin sitting on a tank.

screenshot | Reuters

Citizens who frequent Regent’s Park in the British capital were surprised to see this statue of Putin.

“It was amazing to see this in a park, but I think it’s a good idea to have Vladimir Putin here in red. I was just telling my friend that we were lucky in London that we weren’t constantly bombarded. […]. “Putin is a dangerous person and kills people,” said a mother who met immediately.

The artist behind the statue in front of the camera has not commented on why he made the statue.

The artist, Colomina, had his statue erected in other European cities, without obtaining the approval of the municipal authorities.

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