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Insulting inscriptions in public places: instructions for use |  Lycra

Insulting inscriptions in public places: instructions for use | Lycra

Fighting racism and anti-Semitism is everyone’s business. When faced with an entrance that is offensive or likely to provoke “racial” hatred, act with simple gestures.

  • When there is a sign in the public space, you can contact the city hall which, depending on the municipality, offers free or paid services to remove the signs (may depend on the private or public nature of the medium on which the sign is executed). Remember to photograph the mark before erasing it in order to preserve evidence of its presence.
  • If the card appears to you to constitute a crime (insult, incitement to hatred, etc.), you can report the facts yourself to the gendarmerie or police station, or directly to the public prosecutor by registered mail with a acknowledgment of receipt. Do not forget to attach a photo and specify the exact address where the violation was registered. You can also determine if you are aware of nearby cameras.
  • If the sign is in Paris: Town Hall, via the app “Dans ma Rue” (, allows you to take a picture of the sign and specify its address so that city hall teams can attend and delete it. In addition, if a crime is registered, the town hall automatically reports to the public prosecutor.

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