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Instagram no longer wants to be turned into a photo sharing app

Instagram no longer wants to be turned into a photo sharing app

“We are no longer a photo-sharing app”said the leaderInstagram Adam Mosseri in a video post shared on social media. He says the primary goal for users now is entertainment, primarily through videos. So its development becomes an Instagram priority.

Don’t lag behind TikTok and YouTube

Surprisingly, he referred to TikTok, when Facebook group executives used to not cite their competitors. “TikTok is huge, YouTube is even bigger”To show that his task was difficult and to point out his main competitors, he said.

Also talk about pushing recommendations in the Instagram feed on topics that users don’t follow, which was recently tested. The new version lets you select the topics you want to see more about. Videos will also be presented in a more attractive way, especially by playing in full screen mode.

Also to discover the video:

Adam Mosseri recently mentioned that he wants to help designers earn a living, support the shift from physical stores to e-commerce and improve messaging functionality.

There will be a lot of additional developments next few, but the Instagram model is clearly TikTok, from which Already copying features a few years ago. It remains to replace it in terms of entertainment.