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Instagram can finally become completely usable on the computer

Instagram can finally become completely usable on the computer

According to information from an Italian leak, Instagram is developing a function to post photos from a browser to a computer.

Source: Alexander Shatov - Unsplash

Source: Alexander Shatov – Unsplash

Since the launch of the social network in 2010, Instagram has been designed as a service geared primarily towards smartphones. While it is possible to view images, accounts, or stories from an Internet browser on a computer, the website is particularly limited with weight restrictions: It is not actually possible to publish images from a computer.

However, Facebook’s social network appears to be studying the possibility of uploading photos from a computer. And this, in any case, is what comes out of the images that were published this Friday by the leaked Alessandro Balozi on Twitter.

ℹ️ This feature is currently only being tested internally. Don’t expect to be able to use it anytime soon.
But let’s hope it won’t take too long 🤞🏻

– Alessandro Balozzi (@ alex193a) May 14, 2021

The Italian leak has already posted four photos to discover the interface currently under study on Instagram. In particular, you can discover the screen used to download images or videos from a computer, but you can also discover an interface Choose the image formatFilters, or Legend. However, Alessandro Palozzi notes that the feature is currently only used internally on Instagram and that it will not happen soon for social network users. “Hope it won’t take long.”, He says with that.

There are actually hints for deploying from a PC

It must be said that Instagram is one of the few apps belonging to Facebook that is very limited on a browser for PC. Facebook or Messenger is already fully functional on PC, while WhatsApp can be used without worrying about the computer Provided that you have allowed access from your smartphone. For its part, Instagram allows only passive use from the browser. The social network certainly allows you to send private messages or comments, but apart from that, it only provides consultation for pictures or stories, without the possibility of uploading them. To do this, users have so far had to switch to third-party solutions like Hootsuite – or configure their browser to pass it to a mobile browser.

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At the moment, it remains unclear if Instagram plans to post other types of content other than photos or videos to its profile. Alessandro Balucci did not specify whether his story could be completed and sent Rollers Or post videos on IGTV From his computer.

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