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Inspired by his life as a married couple with a teacher, Pierre Hébert presents a new series of humorous videos

Inspired by his life as a married couple with a teacher, Pierre Hébert presents a new series of humorous videos

It is known that comedian Pierre Hébert has been in a relationship with a teacher for several years now. This year’s campaign spokesman Professor, my pride! She releases a series of humorous videos called teacher’s lifewhich promises to make you smile, whether you are in close or far contact with the school environment.

Inspired by his own life as a married couple, the comedian illustrates in many ways situations from the reality of teachers. Friends and blondes will not be excluded, and they will certainly get to know each other at certain moments of their everyday life.

made by Federation of Education Unions (FSE-CSQ)The series also stars Lillian Blanco-Bennett, who plays Pierre’s wife.

Fun capsules are above all a nod to the daily lives of teachers and their spouses, as well as raising public awareness of the many tasks teachers have to perform through their jobs. Get ready to laugh!

Garbage accumulating…for better or worse

Pierre’s wife likes to pick up certain things to decorate her classroom or school, such as old furniture or plastic containers that she calls her “treasures.” Meanwhile, Pierre calls him rather unwanted … Has his girlfriend picked up the extra “treasure” this time?

Get ready to meet the parents in a creative way

During the school year, the first meeting with parents is sometimes a scary moment for teachers. In this capsule, Pierre embodies different types of fathers to help his girlfriend prepare well. consequences? The latter must be armed with a lot of patience in order to pass this famous setup.

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Unmistakable signs!

Are you in a relationship with a teacher? You will definitely get to know yourself. In this third video in the series teacher’s lifePierre gives us signs that don’t lie. When you are a teacher, you are also one even at home!

speak alone

Pierre and his wife come home from work and tell each other about their day. Even though the two are there, they aren’t fully attentive to the conversation, and they give us access to what’s really going on in their heads. A situation in which many will find themselves!

Evening lovers

Pierre would very much like to spend a romantic evening with his girlfriend, but she has some small errands to complete for school… Once the correction is over, will the plans change?

serial teacher’s life It is introduced by the Federation of Teachers’ Unions, Visit their website.