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‘Injured’, Stéphan Bureau reacts to the many criticisms that followed his interview with Julien Lacroix

After reading letters about him, Stefan He responded to the many criticisms leveled at him and published a letter of sincerest apologies.

Since the host does not have social networks under his name, he posted his message on the LinkedIn platform.

A quick word for those who were surprised or disappointed watching The Interview with Julien Lacroix on Friday night.
I noticed for 36 hours by reading the many comments from viewers that many judged my work very harshly.
It is never easy to accept criticism, especially when it comes from all sides.
It is impossible either to deny what is now clear to me, I did not give my best during this interview.

I thought it difficult, if not impossible, to make Julian’s voice heard, his telling of the facts, without first going through the firewall of the hardest questions.
His own experience, his personal assessment can only be heard after we have first cleared ourselves of the most introspective reactions.
Maybe misused?
Worse yet, you may have sounded like a prosecutor.
This is an attitude I deplore in my colleagues and which has disturbed my sleep ever since.
I do not aspire to be a manager of conscience, I am not pure
The opportunity to finally open up the debate on how best to deal with these delicate, difficult and, above all, issues that require nuance, which are modern relations between men and women, well, this opportunity has been missed.
I am solely responsible for this and I blame myself because we have a great opportunity to do so.

I read that I was “full” of myself.
The word hurts, and it also sticks.
I didn’t like myself watching the interview again.

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Looking forward to doing better,

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