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Injured after a fall and soon having surgery, Elton John has postponed his European tour

Injured after a fall and soon having surgery, Elton John has postponed his European tour

While preparing for his farewell tour for several months, Elton John announced in a Thursday statement that his concerts in Europe and England will be postponed due to his injury after a fall.

Elton John fans in Europe and the UK will have to wait a little longer before saying goodbye. The British singer announced, Thursday, the postponement of his tour – which should be the last – due to injury. While it was due to be presented in Europe and the UK in 2021, the event has now been pushed back to 2023. “I have to move my Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour dates.” He explained, “I embarrassedly fell on a hard surface at the end of the summer and since then I have had severe pain and discomfort in my thigh.” “Despite extensive physical therapy and specialist treatment, the pain continued to get worse and it made it more difficult to move,” he added.

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The legendary musician said his doctors advised him to “go for surgery as quickly as possible to restore his normal shape and make sure there are no complications.” “I will begin an intensive physical therapy program that will ensure a complete recovery and return to full movement without pain,” the 74-year-old continued.

Good present at Global Citizen

Elton John said he will participate but well at the Global Citizen gala, September 25, where it is announced in Paris, because he does not want to “not give up on a charity”. The Global Citizen is a global event organized for the planet, where concerts will be held around the world with the public or online, depending on the city. He said Elton John will sing five songs there, which is “a very different physical task than the demands of playing for about three hours every night on tour and traveling overnight”.

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He will then undergo surgery before resuming his tour route in January 2022 in New Orleans. “I know how impatient my amazing fans have been since Covid ended the tour last year, and my heart goes out to keep you waiting for much longer. I can totally feel your frustrations after the year we’ve been through. I promise – shows can hit the road again next year and I’ll make sure it’s worth the wait,” a promise. The tour that was scheduled for 2020 has already been postponed due to Covid-19 to 2021.

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